Data Collected

None of our apps transfer any personal data to us from a user’s device. All apps will request the user’s permission before being able to access any information they require (e.g. access to Contacts, Photo Library, iCloud), but any information gathered will only ever be stored on the user’s device or within the user’s private iCloud account (that we have no access to).

The only information we collect is from feedback or support requests that users can email to us from within our apps resulting us being provided with their email address and information about their device such as device type / iOS version.

Data Usage

Feedback and support data is reviewed by us to improve our apps and to provide a better service to our users.

Data Sharing

All information used by our apps is only stored on the user’s device / iCloud account that we have no access to.

If a user provides us with feedback / a support request via email, then these details are only used by us to respond to their feedback / request. The information they provide will never be sold or shared with any third party.

Controlling Your Data

If a user has previously contacted us using their email address, then they may change their mind at any time and request complete removal from our feedback / support system by contacting